Portrait Sessions

I photograph Children's and Family Portraits.

I shoot outdoors, on location, using sunlight and nature as my "studio".   

My shooting style is very casual allowing for an easy, fun, relaxed experience.

I photograph individual portraits of each child, the children together, the parent/s with each child and then the entire family together. 

I shoot both classic portraits and candid, fun shots.

My goal is to create a beautiful Collection of portraits of your family.

When and Who

  • I shoot from late Spring to early Fall, weekends only.
  • I do not shoot during the winter months.
  • Children & Families only.  


  • I photograph children's and family portraits, outdoors, on location. 
  • Gift Certificates.


  • Please inquire.

What to wear?

I recommend dressing casually as we do sit in the grass and tend to walk "off trail" into tall grass / meadow areas.  Jeans, leather walking shoes, layered tops.  Bright colours are great and can add to the "fun" of the shot.  For inspiration, please visit my Pinterest page which I've created for clients to get an idea of what to wear.  Always make sure that clothing is clean and ironed. Professionally applied make up is a bonus!

What to bring?

A pretty blanket to sit on is a must.  One that matches your clothing / colour scheme... because often grass is damp.  Snacks / drinks for the little ones are also a good idea.  Lint roller, hair brushes, makeup, hair spray, etc... Anything you feel you'll need to be picture perfect!

Inclement weather, illness and changing your shoot date:

- Once booked firm, I allow for one request to reschedule due to illness.  

- Following that, I charge a fee to reschedule.

- In the event of inclement weather (rain, extreme heat, too cold, too dark & overcast or windy), shoots are rescheduled with no fee. 

Turn around

Please inquire.


Please inquire.

*Copyright / Usage

I retain the copyright, but you have printing rights and can post your images as you'd like (personal use only). The copyright ensures that you may not alter the photos in any way, nor may you enter them in competitions / contests without my permission.  For commercial use (website / flyers, etc..) you must purchase usage permission from me, in writing.  

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